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Clients trust LP3 Law to provide experienced and professional representation in all types of criminal cases. LP3 Law has represented and delivered results for clients facing accusations of DUI, drug possession, drug sales, weapons offenses, robbery, gang enhancements, attempted murder, murder, child abuse, sexual abuse and nearly every offense under the criminal statutes.

If you have a criminal case, hiring a lawyer is perhaps the most important decision you will make. Picking the right lawyer for you and your case can make all the difference in the outcome. Many clients hire a big law firm only to realize that they do not know who their attorney is and that the firm can change their attorney at any moment.

At LP3 Law, every client knows who is fighting for them because there is only one attorney, Lester M. Paredes III. Every client knows who is fighting for them, receives prompt updates and communications, as well as personal attention.

Whereas most criminal defense firms use a flat fee retainer to provide legal services, LP3 Law uses an hourly retainer to provide his clients the most transparency and control over their case. A flat fee retainer initially sounds good to the client as it appears to limit the costs and fees associated with hiring a lawyer. However, firms often take too many cases, have too many clients and consequently provide weak services to their clients. This is because the flat fee allows the lawyer to work without showing what they did. Clients often end up wondering what they paid for and whether their lawyer actually did any work.

LP3 Law has a different approach. We bill our clients based on the services that have been used, providing an itemized invoice showing exactly the work that has been completed. At each step, LP3 Law informs the client of the potential courses of action and their time estimate so that the client can decide which course to pursue.

LP3 Law will only accept a limited number of clients, so contact us today to see how we can help guide you to the best outcome possible.