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Thank you for visiting LP3 Law. Lester Mike Paredes is a top-notch family and criminal law attorney who also handles immigration matters. Attorney Paredes has a long history of passionately advocating for clients who might otherwise be unrepresented. He believes that all people deserve fairness.

Since LP3 Law represents a limited number of clients at one time, you’ll find that Attorney Paredes is focused and dedicated to your case.

Attorney Paredes has extensive experience as a family and criminal law attorney, and he’s no stranger to the courtroom. His ability to effectively communicate in a courtroom trial has brought his clients superb results. His commitment to his clients proves he is their biggest advocate.

LP3 Law frequently serves clients living in the greater San Luis Obispo area, including:

Practice Areas

Family Law

Attorney Paredes has a compassionate yet determined nature that enables him to empathize with his family law clients, while at the same time fiercely advocating for

them. He represents people in matters such as divorce, child custody, spousal support, child support and more.

Criminal Law

As a criminal lawyer, he can assist you with any drug-related charges and defense. He also represents clients with murder or other violence charges, DUI charges and anything pertaining to abuse, weaponry and more.

Immigration Law

For help with your green card, adjustment of status or asylum matters, Attorney Paredes is here to help. His bilingual ability is a tremendous help while communicating with clients, authorities and the justice system.

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Lester Mike Paredes is the best choice to be your family and criminal law attorney in the San Luis Obispo area. Contact our office today at (408) 634-5537 or submit the online contact form.

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